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Lesene deske za rezanje in serviranje hrane

Razni leseni izdelki po naročilu

Koluti, bobine za kable


Program made of solid wood, plywood panels, MDF boards, chipboards

Are you interested in buying new products or buy a products to sell in your store?

The Romula d.o.o. is a company specialized in the production of various solid and hardwood lumber, plywood panels, MDF and chipboards


Would you like to reduce production costs to get the final product? Would you like to lighten the capacity of your manufacture?

Quality, layout, terms of delivery

Love for wood and respect for nature reflect our choice of raw materials at authorized dealers.
Furthermore, we dedicate a lot of attention to the choice of wood, materials and panels in order to offer our customers a quality product and service on time.
All the materials we use, from wood to glue, are compared to the regulations concerning emissions that are harmful to health and the environment.